Monday, November 26th 2012

Today: Using Social Media to Promote Science

Join me, Joanne Manaster, Melanie Tannenbaum and Prof. Bill Hammack today from 4-6pm at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Institute for Genomic Biology, room 612 (that’s the room right next to Array Cafe, in the Gatehouse).

The University of Illinois has a surprising number of academics who are successful science writers, bloggers, photographers and social media users (I know I’m going to forget a few, but others who come to mind are Christine Herman, Dan Simons, and Alex Wild). I suspect the proportion of online science outreach folks is quite high here, and we’re only starting to tap into our collective potential (Midwest Science Online, anyone?).

This afternoon’s talk should be a great introduction to the panelists, our perspectives, and the concept of online science outreach. For my part, I’ll likely discuss my own academic trajectory, how that led to blogging, my thoughts about the blogosphere versus academia, and the importance of historicizing and contextualizing science.

Perhaps you’ll get a few ideas about how to get started, or to take your own work in a new direction. Join us!

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