My research, teaching, and service all focus on reproductive justice. Broadly speaking I am interested in how environmental stressors (e.g., those related to energetics, immune function, and/or psychosocial stress) influence the reproductive functioning of women and gender minorities.

My work has had broad implications for the public and for science: I have provided Congressional testimony, co-authored a National Academies report on sexual harassment of women in STEM, and have written a book on misunderstandings of the menstrual cycle (out in April, more here). I have consulted on two Congressional bills on sexual harassment in science (H.R. 6161, H.R. 36). I have given talks and run workshops at national and international events, and provided expertise on legal cases involving sexual harassment in science. I also co-direct a project that looks at how menstrual experiences are under-explored in vaccine trials, particularly the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, and how this medical ignorance runs the risk of promoting vaccine hesitancy and refusal.

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