Dr. Clancy’s research, teaching, and service all focus in varying ways on reproductive justice. Broadly speaking she is interested in how environmental stressors (e.g., those related to energetics, immune function, and psychosocial stress) influence the reproductive functioning of women and gender minorities. At the macro level this means looking at the major stressors that might influence reproductive functioning, such as sexual harassment. At the micro level this means exploring the inflammatory mechanisms that mediate the relationship between many stressors and reproduction.

Dr. Clancy’s research had broad implications for the public and for science: she has provided Congressional testimony, co-authored a National Academies report on sexual harassment of women in STEM, and is writing a book on misunderstandings of the menstrual cycle (forthcoming in 2020). Dr. Clancy has consulted on two Congressional bills on sexual harassment in science (H.R. 6161, H.R. 36). She has given talks and run workshops at national and international events, and provided expertise on legal cases involving sexual harassment in science.

Other recent projects:

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