Friday, November 17th 2017

Season 2 Episode 15: Nourished periods

Excerpt: Eating Psychology Coach Lu Uhrich teaches me a thing or two about body image, nourishing yourself, and how to get back your period.

Summary: Last week, Dr. De Souza shared a clinical perspective on the effect of undernourishing your body. This week, I talk to Lu Uhrich, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor, and Life Coach who helps women to grow in self-awareness, find food freedom and practice body love. Lu talks to us about how her restrictive eating patterns once led to losing her period, and how she got it, and a lot of other great things, back.

This episode was an important one for me. As an anthropologist, I tend not to see the loss of the period as bad the way clinicians and clinical scientists can. It’s a symptom of not enough available energy, but not inherently all bad. Talking to Lu really widened my perspective on this. For many women, the period is a sign of health, a symbol of femininity, or just a way of feeling normal. So while I may not worry physiologically about missing the occasional period, I feel a lot more compassion towards those who are dismayed by its loss. I also think Lu’s personal experience can teach us a lot about how we can turn our attempts at “healthy” or “clean” eating into something that is restrictive.

Here’s a little more about Lu Uhrich: Lu is the host of the Untamed Podcast, featuring women who are living beyond limits and helping others to do the same. Lu specializes in guiding her clients to overcome struggles with yo-yo dieting, food restriction, binge eating, loss of periods, shame, body hate and other unwanted symptoms, mindsets or behaviors. Through her one-on-one coaching program and online courses, she teaches participants to end the exhausting hustle for food and body perfection by finding out who they really are, what they truly want, and how to finally get it. For more information check out Lu’s website at

Lu has a few more spots left for her one-on-one coaching, and if you get her newsletter you’ll get an exclusive Q&A podcast where she answers client and listener questions. I’m also the guest of episode 13 of her first season, so I hope you’ll check it out!

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