Friday, November 4th 2016

PERIOD Episode 7: Public Periods

period-podcast-cover-art-namesExcerpt: Kate interviews musician Kiran Gandhi and inventor Heli Kurjanen about having periods in public.

Summary: In this episode, I talk to two women with periods on their mind – Kiran Gandhi, who freebled the London Marathon in 2015, and Heli Kurjanen, inventor and founder of the Lunette menstrual cup. Kiran and I discuss the public and private experience of having periods, the effect of menstrual taboos on young girls, and what it means to live a life of hiding ourselves. Kiran has leveraged her fame from the London Marathon to continuing her period activism and consciousness raising across multiple platforms. Follow her on Twitter at @MadameGandhi and on her website at


Badass Kiran Gandhi. In addition to freebleeding a marathon, she drums for MIA and Thievery Corporation and has her own musician project called Madame Gandhi. You know, NBD.

Heli and I discuss how one goes from making your own diapers for your baby to being inspired to invent and market your own brand of menstrual cups. We also discuss the environmental and ethical issues that go along with making and selling menstrual products. Lunette is doing great work for women all over the world, and I was proud to have her on as a guest. Follow Heli at @HeliK_Lunette, her product at @Lunettecup, and the Lunette cup website at

Finnish menstrual cup inventor Heli Kurjanen. Feminist entrepreneurs FTW!

Finnish menstrual cup inventor Heli Kurjanen. Feminist entrepreneurs FTW!

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