Friday, September 30th 2016

PERIOD Episode 2: Monkey Trainers and Tampon Squeezers


Excerpt: Kate interviews menstrual researcher Dr. Elizabeth Rowe about why we have periods.

Summary: In my first full episode, I interview Dr. Elizabeth Rowe, a PhD in biological anthropology and grantwriter at Purdue University, about her research on menstruation, and why we have periods. Dr. Rowe shares broad evolutionary insights about why people menstruate, as well as quirky tidbits about how researchers have studied periods over the years. Learn how scientists discovered how much monkeys menstruate, and which region of Europe seems to enjoy wringing out sanitary products.



Dr. Elizabeth Rowe, being awesome.

Next week, I’ll interview Dr. Alma Gottlieb, a cultural anthropologist who also studies periods, to look at the other side of the menstrual pad on matters periodic.

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