Friday, December 22nd 2017

Season 2 Episode 19: What’s the range of normal in pelvic floor health?

Excerpt: Liz and Kate chat about pelvic prolapse, and Kate interviews the amazing Julie Wiebe, a pelvic floor therapist who pioneered the “pelvic floor piston” method of breathing.

Summary: Have we got a treat for you! If you’ve had a baby, maybe you’ve experienced some of childbirth’s hidden joys – hemorrhoids, anal fissures, bladder and rectal incontinence, pelvic prolapse, diastasis recti… the list goes on. If you haven’t had a baby and would like to, they may be in your future. It can even happen to folks who don’t have kids, so pelvic floor health is important for women, men, and all sorts of gendered folk.

Never fear, there are things you can do to reduce your risk, or if you have any of these symptoms, you may be able to improve them. Let me introduce you to Julie Wiebe, a physical therapist whose work I’ve been passionate about for the last few years.

Julie Wiebe, PT has over 20 years of experience in both Sports Medicine and Pelvic Health. Her passion is to return women to fitness and sport after injury and pregnancy. She advocates for the awareness of pelvic health issues in fitness and promotes innovative solutions for women through her blog, videos and social media. She shares her evidence-based, integrative approach internationally with both professionals and women through live and online educational programs. You can find out more at or via social media Twitter/FB/IG  @JulieWiebePT. In fact, here is the Instagram post on Crossfit and peeing that we mentioned in the intro:

Dear @crossfit @crossfitgames, I come in peace. I am hoping to open a respectful dialogue regarding pelvic health for female CrossFitters. I am actually an ally to CrossFit in the pelvic health arena….but you are making it hard to defend CrossFit when you promote videos like “Kelley Jackson Pee-R’s”. On the Facebook thread for the video, you suggested that videos like these gave us opportunities to discuss the issue. So I thought I would discuss via a blog Some highlights from the full blog… ……”This is a pressure management issue and a whole body participation issue vs just a weak pelvic floor problem. When we look at it that way we can train strategies to contain the pressure and use it toward pulling off the lift vs. losing the pressure out her hoo-hoo. If we treat this like a sports medicine problem and performance optimizing issue vs. a pelvic floor problem alone, perhaps we can get the CrossFit community to discuss it in a different way”….. …..Time to broaden the conversation to the male equivalent of this…”sharts” under load and for some erectile dysfunction. Perhaps if men realize their nether’s are in the cross-hairs too, we can actually get the community to seek solutions vs offer videos as an “opportunity to discuss”. ….and a whole lot more….I even came up with a new t-shirt! Read on here… Active link in Bio #crossfitmoms #crossfitpregnancy #pelvichealth #fitness #postpartumrecovery #postpartumfitness #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #dptstudent #pelvicmafia #erectiledysfunction

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I think you’re going to love this episode. And if you want more, Julie was kind enough to create a temporary coupon code for Period Podcast listeners! It is Period20 (it is case sensitive), and you get 20% off the pelvic floor piston course. The code expires midnight PST on Jan 5, 2018.

Julie Wiebe, PT, Pelvic Floor Mafia.

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