Friday, November 3rd 2017

Season 2 Episode 13: Sisters forever!

Excerpt: Sisters talk about periods, and Liz gets on the other side of the mic.

Summary: I had a lot of fun with this one – my sister, Liz Lerner, asked if she could interview me for the kickoff episode for season 2. We talk birth, babies, and obviously periods, including the time I thought I had gotten my period in fifth grade, but hadn’t. Liz is the one of my inspirations for this podcast, and is the person behind the scenes who makes it all sound so good. I’m so glad you finally have the chance to meet her and hear her lovely radio voice. If you live on the Cape in Massachusetts, you’ll be hearing more of her next year! I’ll be the sister bragging on Twitter when there are more details to share.

Liz is an accomplished TV personality, award-winning documentary filmmaker, freelance journalist, and all around great sister. You’ll find her going on insane trail runs, chasing her meatballs (AKA her two children), or making great videos on Cape Cod.

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