Tuesday, February 15th 2011

Agora: for women in science

Agora is the women in science community developed by the L’Oreal Foundation. Recently I was asked to write a piece for them that talks about my work. You can find it here.

A snippet to entice you:

“The reason it’s so important to me that I be that activist scientist – someone whose work is informed by an understanding of the biases inherent in the process of science, and who promotes a deeper understanding of science to the general public – is that women’s health is something that many non-experts opine about, providing sometimes dangerous disinformation.”


  1. modestgrrl said:

    L'Oreal???? Whoa.

    Either they're poisoning women with chemicals supposedly making us “look better”, or they're supporting apartheid in Palestine.

  2. KBHC said:

    My understanding is that there is a pretty big difference between the Foundation and the Corporation. That said, I'd be happy to hear more about the apartheid in Palestine issue – I know nothing of this.

  3. Kelly Hogaboom said:

    Hm, I'm just finding and crawling around on your blog and I think I love you. Awesome work!

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