Where to Find Me

10/19 Invited talk, Stony Brook University

4/19 Invited keynote/workshop, Society for Biomaterials

3/19 Invited talk, Kellogg Field Station

3/12/19 Invited talk, University of Arizona

3/1/19 Invited session chair and panelist, Kavli Frontiers in Science Conference

2/22/19 Invited talk, University of Michigan

2/19 AAAS Panel

1/10/19 Invited keynote, Society for Historical Archaeology

12/12/18 Invited panelist, American Geophysical Union

10/22/18 Invited talk, Yale University, Silliman Tea

10/19/18 Invited panelist, University of Michigan/National Academy of Sciences event

10/11/18 Invited talk, Northeastern Marine Biology Center

10/1/18 Invited panelist, special meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science/American Geophysical Union/Education Counsel

9/29/18 Invited talk, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Alpha Upsilon Chapter

9/27/18 Invited talk, University of Rhode Island